Divepoint offers different kayaking classes and lessons for all ages and skill levels.  We also do private and group lessons for clubs and organizations all around the Central Wisconsin area.  Additionally, our local kayaking guided tours can customized for your specific needs.  Call Divepoint and talk to Carrie…
In Stevens Point: 715-344-3483
or in Wausau: 715-845-3483

Kayaking for the Beginner

      So you’ve just bought your first kayak or you are thinking about buying one, so now what? Whether you are kayaking in small Wisconsin lakes or gentle sections of the Wisconsin River, this is the entry level course for you. You will learn to, load and unload your boat on your vehicle, and safely launch and land it without embarrassing yourself.  You’ll also discuss proper clothing and equipment, and practice the basic paddle strokes, and what to do if you tip over (hint: it’s okay to laugh).  This is a 3 hour course and you do not have to get wet, but you can if you’d like. You are encouraged to bring your own kayak, paddle, and life jacket, although rentals are usually available. The cost of this course is $50 or $75 with kayak rental included.  Be sure to sign-up early, these classes fill up quickly! Check back often as more class dates will be posted soon.

      Summer 2017  Dates  –  Due to Thunderstorms, heavy rainfall, downed trees, and flood conditions all classes will be located in Stevens Point at Schmeeckle Reserve.  

  • Saturday, August 5th from 8am – 12pm

  • Sunday, August 6th from 8am – 12pm

  • Monday, August 7th from 8am – 12pm

  • Thursday, August 10th from 8am – 12pm

  • Monday, August 14th from 8am – 12pm

  • Tuesday, August 22nd from 8am – 12pm

  • Wednesday, August 23rd from 8am – 12pm

  • Thursday, August 24th from 8am – 12pm

Keep checking, more dates added and all dates subject to change!


Kayaking for the Intermediate Paddler

      Kayaking for the intermediate is just that, a step-up from the basics of the beginner course. Maybe you’ve had your kayak for awhile and you’d like to venture out past the safety of shore but don’t quite have the skills and knowledge to do so confidently…

      In this course you will review the basic strokes, kick it up a notch with some new ones (including braces), and work on edging, wet exits and a basic rescue.  You’ll also have the option to try a skirt. This is a 4 hour course and is a bit more physical than the beginner courses; you will get wet! You will need to bring your own personal equipment for the course including a kayak, PFD, paddle, and bilge pump. You will have a great time as you learn new skills and boost you confidence level. The cost of this course is $75.  Kayak rentals are available for a small additional charge.

Summer 2017 Dates

  • Saturday, August 5th from 1pm – 5pm

  • Sunday, August 6th from 1pm – 5pm

  • Monday, August 7th from 1pm – 12pm

  • Thursday, August 10th from 1pm – 5pm

  • Monday, August 14th from 1pm – 5pm

  • Tuesday, August 22nd from 1pm – 5pm

  • Wednesday, August 23rd from 1pm – 5pm

  • Thursday, August 24th from 1pm – 5pmKeep checking, more dates added and all dates subject to change!


Kayak Rescue Course

      This course is all about safety and rescues. You must participate in a rescue class to  qualify to rent a sea kayak from most outfitters, including Divepoint.  In this course you will be capsizing, and getting back into your boat with poise and grace. You will refresh your t-rescue skills, learn other methods of assisted rescues, learn how to self rescue with a paddle float and stirrup, and use a tow line. This course will give you the confidence to try new waters by developing your own personal rescue plan. We will also introduce you to the benefits of a kayak skirt. This is a 5 hour course, it is physical, and you will get wet. You will need your own personal equipment for this course including, kayak, PFD, paddle, paddle float, bilge pump, rescue stirrup, and tow line.  The cost of this course is $75.00.  Rentals, including wetsuits, are available for a small additional fee.

Summer 2017 Dates

  • Call for appointment. Classes held in Stevens Point from 9:00am to 3:00pm (45min break for lunch)


Kayak Rolling Class

      This class is all about being upside down in your boat and will get you well on your way to a successful Eskimo Roll. This is a one-on-one class for any aspiring Eskimo Roller.  This class is done in a local swimming pool.  You will work on a proper “hip-snap” and proper paddle positioning, the majority of our students are successful within the first few sessions.  The first 2 hour session costs $40.oo, each additional 2 hour session is $20.00.

      Your own personal equipment is encouraged, it is best to learn in your own boat, but we understand if you don’t own a kayak yet (you probably will soon). For this course you need a kayak, PFD, paddle, nose plug, and most importantly a properly fitted skirt. Rentals are available for an additional cost. Call us for more details along with times and dates.



Kayaking for persons with disabilities

– Aug 16th at Mead Park Beach

      Divepoint prides itself in getting everyone  safely and comfortably on the water,  if you have questions about kayaking please call and talk to one of our experienced ACA Kayak Instructors.  We also teach private classes that are personalized and customized just for you.  Adaptive paddling equipment is available at Midstate Independent Living Consultants.


Intro to Whitewater Kayaking

      In this class students will learn the basics of whitewater kayaking in a flat water setting. Students will learn the proper gear to use in whitewater kayaking as well as the wet exit which is the way kayakers can get out of their boats in case of a capsize. Other skills that will be learned include paddling forward and backwards, bracing, turning, carving, edge control, T-rescue and rolling. A short swim test is required for this class. Equipment will be provided.

  • Intro to Whitewater Day Class – $100



Wausau Whitewater Park Release Classes

      In this class students who have already participated in our “Intro to Whitewater Kayaking” class have the opportunity to paddle at the world class Wausau Whitewater Park located in downtown Wausau, WI. On the lower half of the course the students will be taught the basic river running tactics. The river maneuvers that students will learn include, the ferry, eddy turns, and peel outs. Besides the skills, students will learn river features and river classifications. Throughout the day the students will also be taught about potential hazards that kayakers encounter on a river trip. Equipment is provided. Prior whitewater experience required.

  • Wausau Whitewater Park Release – Weekend Class- $250

  • Wausau Whitewater Park Release – Day Class – $100

  • Wausau Whitewater Park Release –  Half Day Class – $75

Recreational Release Dates: 

  • May 13th – May 14th

  • June 10th – June 11th

  • June 24th – June 25th

  • July 15th – July 16th

  • August 5th – August 6th

  • September 16th – September 17th

Wolf, Red and Peshtigo River Trips

      During these trips students will have the opportunity to be led by experienced instructors down some of the classic rivers in Wisconsin. All the skills from the Wausau Releases and Intro to Whitewater Classes will be put into practice during these trips. These paddling trips are meant to show new kayakers the rivers of Wisconsin have to offer. While on the river, students will be allowed to practice their skills and work on developing them further. Paddlers will need to provide their own rides, but will be provided with gear. Experienced kayakers can bring their own gear if they prefer.    

Guided River Day Trips – $225 adults ($125 children).

  • Other courses are held as demand dictates, call the store for last-minute opportunities.

  • Private Lessons  “ 1 Person $250, 2 people $300, 3 people $425, 4 people $475.

  • In Stevens Point 715.344.3483  or In Wausau 715-845-3483