Kayak Rental Policies and Pricing

Divepoint Adventure center has an extensive inventory of boats for rent.  We sell the rental inventory every fall in our very popular Used Boat Sale, so your rental kayak is never more than a year old.  We don’t rent garbage here!

Current prices for rental of Kayaks and Equipment:

  • 10′ Recreational boats–$20.00/first 24 Hours, $10.00 each additional day.
  • Larger Recreational and Day-Touring–$25.00/ first 24 Hours, $12.50 each additional day.
  • Tandem and Touring Kayaks–$30.00/ first 24 Hours, $15.00 each additional day.


  • 10′ Recreational boats–$10.00 Same day rental (Open-Close)
  • Larger Recreational and Day-Touring–$15.00 Same day rental (Open-Close)
  • Tandem and Touring Kayaks–$20.00 Same day rental (Open-Close)

These prices are current as of May 1st, 2014 but are subject to change.  Please call us or stop by today to reserve your rentals.

All rentals include: Kayak, Paddle, PFD, and Dry Bag if desired.

Whitewater Kayak Rental

Whitewater Boats are available to demo at Wausau Whitewater Recreational Releases and other events.

A demo of 10-20 minutes is offered free of charge.

3 Hour Rental @ Wausau Whitewater – $20

6 Hour Rental @ Wausau Whitewater- $30

Prior Whitewater experience is necessary to rent or demo a whitewater kayak on the Wausau Course. (Park Fee Not included)


WE ARE FLEXIBLE!  If renting by the day and by the boat does not suit what you have in my mind, please give us a call and we will put together a package that suits your needs.